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Smith’s Stone Masonry

Craig SmithMy name is Craig Smith and I’m the owner of Smith’s Stone Masonry. I moved to Canada in 1997 from Wales – UK. My father first got me involved in masonry back in my teen years while living in the UK.

After settling down in Ottawa I worked for a couple of local stone mason’s and Public Works for a good couple of years. It was a great experience working at Public Works as it allowed me to work on some well known landmarks in Ottawa. After my contracted ended at Public Works I decided to start my own company.

I started out taking on some sub-contracts from a good friend who I’d previously worked for as a stone mason. It wasn’t long before my company name started to get around via word of mouth.

At Smith’s Stone Masonry we generally only takes on small projects as it’s normally just me and a helper doing the work.I enjoy doing stone work because every job is unique in

My main specialty is flagstone patios and walkways. But I also enjoy doing all types of stone work because every job is unique in its own little way. Customers are often amazed at how one can take a pallet of stone turn it into something beautiful.

As I often take photos of my stonework and many of them will be upload to this website. It’s important to remember that every project is different in so many ways, the final result and look will change depending on the customers requests and type of stone.

Smith's Stone Masonry