Ottawa Stone Suppliers – Canlok Stone

//Ottawa Stone Suppliers – Canlok Stone

Ottawa Stone Suppliers – Canlok Stone

Where to buy natural stone in Ottawa?

A common question that I get asked where do I buy my flagstone or other types of natural stone from in Ottawa. So I refer most people to

I buy around 80% of my stone and 100% of my flagstone from Canlok, I’ve been a happy customer of Canlok for several years now. Over the years, I’ve taken pictures of the different types of stone products available to show potential customers the choices they have.

Back in 2010 I created the following slideshow video to show the pictures of stone products.

Some of Canlok’s natural stone products: Garden Stone – Canyon Rock – Bark Stone – Flagstone – Slate – Natural Wall Stone – Waterfall Stone – Natural Square Cut Limestone – Chickstone Boulders – Decorative Stone.


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