Ottawa Stone Suppliers – Canlok Stone

Where to buy natural stone in Ottawa? A common question that I get asked where do I buy my flagstone or other types of natural stone from in Ottawa. So I refer most people to I buy around 80{f3ca15d9687dc40929385fffadfba82a0f7fa7ab448ea905a441dfc782dc737c} of my stone and 100{f3ca15d9687dc40929385fffadfba82a0f7fa7ab448ea905a441dfc782dc737c} of my flagstone from Canlok, I've been a happy customer of [...]

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Rebuilding A Stone Retaining Wall In Ottawa

If you own an old property in the Ottawa area then you may have an old stone retaining wall too. I was asked to rebuild the stone retaining wall and dry laid stone steps seen in the following pictures below. Damaged Retaining Wall As you can clearly see this stone wall is in need [...]

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Ottawa Stone Walls by Smith’s Stone Masonry

Ottawa Stone Walls Video Over the years I've built and repaired countless stone walls in Ottawa, I've created a short video showing you some of the stone walls built or repaired by Smith's Stone Masonry.  Ottawa has old stone retaining walls all over the place, many are in need of repair due to poor drainage [...]

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Ottawa Stone Work by Smith’s Stone Masonry

If you live in the Ottawa area and need some stone work completed, feel free to request an estimate, natural stone is the product I work with 90{f3ca15d9687dc40929385fffadfba82a0f7fa7ab448ea905a441dfc782dc737c} of the time. This video shows a project that was complete in 2 stages, the lower flagstone walkway, stone steps and retaining wall was stage 1, then [...]

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