Natural Flagstone Patios – Dry & Wet Laid

Flagstone patios and walkways are one of our specialities at Smith’s Stone Masonry. And over the years, we’ve installed many different patios in all shapes and sizes around Ottawa.

Flagstone Patio Ottawa

Our installation style and technique is somewhat unique to many other companies who install flagstone. We prefer to keep the joints (gaps between flagstone pieces) as tight as possible, normally around half an inch. As you’ll see from the pictures, we also like to avoid using small pieces if possible.

Please keep in mind that if you’re looking for an old rustic type look we can do that too.

There are two different types of flagstone installations that we perform, wet laid and dry laid. The difference between the two will be explained below.

Wet Laid Flagstone Patios

With wet laid flagstone projects, you must have a first have a concrete base/pad already in place or this must be formed and poured first. Flagstone is need set in cement on the concrete pad, once the cement has set, normally the following day all joints/gaps are filled with cement.

Here are a few different pictures of a wet-laid patio we completed last year here in Ottawa area, the original patio was around 20 years old and dry laid.

We poured a new concrete pad, then using some of the old flagstone and new flagstone, relaid the patio area in cement.

Flagstone Patio – Before – Dry Laid

Old FLagstone Patio - Before Work Starts 2

Flagstone Patio – After – Wet Laid

Flagstone Patio - Wet Laid

Dry Laid Flagstone Patios

A dry laid patio is installed on a compacted crushed stone base. We then install flagstone with a few inches of stone dust using our unique technique. All joints are filled with our recommended polymeric sand, this becomes hard/firm but when it gets wet it has a little flex.

Polymeric sand is also great for preventing weeds from growing and Ants from digging.We find dry laid patios are the most selection for clients. This is likely because it’s slightly lower in price because of it doesn’t have the cost of concrete or cement.

We find dry laid patios are the most popular choices for patios among clients that we’ve worked. This is likely because it’s slightly lower in price as material costs are lower.

Here are a few pictures of different dry laid patios we’ve installed.

Ottawa Flagstone Patio And Dry Stone Wall

Round Flagstone Patio

Dry Laid Patio And Natural Stone Steps

Rebuilding Old Flagstone Patios

Occasionally we’re asked to rebuild old patios that a homeowner installed themselves or another contractor installed years ago. If a patio doesn’t have a good base, it’s just a matter of time before the pieces of flagstone start to shift around, then grass and weeds start popping up between joints.

Here are a few patio before and after pictures:

Old Stone Patio

New Patio

If you’re interested in having a flagstone patio installed or repaired and you live in the Ottawa area, please click the button below to contact us for a free estimate.