Natural Flagstone Walkways & Steps

If you drive down any street in Ottawa, you’re likely going to find a natural flagstone walkway or a front entrance with flagstone steps.

Since 2001, Smith’s Stone Masonry has been installing and repairing flagstone entrances and walkways all around Ottawa.

Wiarton Flagstone Entrance

Just like with flagstone patios, you have two different installation methods, wet laid and dry laid. In short, wet laid is having flagstone set in cement on a concrete base/pad. Dry laid is having the flagstone sitting on a deep crushed stone base with a few inches of stone dust.

Dry Laid Flagstone Walkways

Here are just a few Wiarton flagstone walkways that we’ve installed that are dry laid.

new edinburgh flagstone walkway

flagstone walkway dry laid

Flagstone Steps & Front Entrances

Here are a few different pictures of Wiarton flagstone steps and entrances we’ve installed. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more pictures via blog posts and photo galleries.

flagstone steps Alta Vista

flagstone steps wet laid

flagstone walkway steps alta vista

flagstone steps & walkway

Flagstone Repair And Salt Damage

Living in Ottawa is great, but the winters can be very harsh on most outdoor elements, including walkways and steps. Nobody wants a walkway or their entrance covered in ice, so people resort to SALT, don’t do it! Use sand or clean cat little.

Salt is the fastest way to destroy your walkway (even this eco-friendly stuff isn’t that friendly), it will eat everything. In most cases, people aren’t aware because it breaks down the cement under the flagstone first. After this occurs, it just goes downhill from here unless you get it repaired correctly and stop using salt.

Repairing salt damaged flagstone is something that Smith’s Stone Masonry has lots of experience with, please keep in mind that in some cases you’re often better off resurfacing the entire area with new flagstone.

Contact us for a free estimate and I’ll come out to take a look and give you my opinion.

Below are some before and after pictures of salt-damaged flagstone, you can click on any image to view full-size image.
flagstone steps before
flagstone steps before 2
flagstone steps after
flagstone steps and risers

If you’re interested in getting an estimate for having a some flagstone steps installed or repaired, please click the button below to contact us for a free estimate.