Natural Flagstone Walkway & Steps

Rebuilding A Flagstone Walkway & Steps

In this post, I’m going to show you a flagstone walkway and steps that I was asked to resurface with new flagstone, this was due to salt damage, deterioration and age.

Over the years, salt had been used during the winter by a local snow removal company. Salt eats away at the stone, cement, concrete and almost all types of material. Salt should never be used on flagstone or any natural stone that’s installed in cement.

A safe alternative to salt would be sand or cat little and don’t get fooled by some new products that appear and claim to be eco-friendly etc. Check carefully as most still contain harmful ingredients.

Flagstone Walkway Before Pictures

As you can see one step appears to be sinking and pulling away from the landing area, many pieces of flagstone have become loose and many have split into layers. Under many pieces of the flagstone, salt has eaten away at the cement and turned into a sand type looking material.

Flagstone Installation Pictures

The first step to complete was to remove all the old flagstone, natural stone risers, and old cement down to the original concrete base. This was done with a small demolition hammer.  Next, we cut out and removed a section of the concrete base and rounding it slightly so that the flagstone walkway would appear to turn towards the front entrance.

If you take another look at the before pictures you will see that it didn’t’ have a curve.

Newly Installed Flagstone Walkway Pictures

Below are pictures of the project some taken when the flagstone was wet and some dry. The walkway has also been sealed to help protect both the flagstone and cement.

I would love to hear your feedback on this natural flagstone walkway, so feel free to leave a comment or question below.