Flagstone Patio, Walkway & Natural Stone Steps

A flagstone patio and walkway will not only look unique and beautiful, it can often add value to your home. The following project below was completed in 3 different stages. I’m going to show you each stage and also post a video walkthrough so you can see exactly how it looks.

Stage 1 – Flagstone Walkway

Originally the front walkway had some poorly installed flagstone and along the side a narrow brick walkway.

We decided to replace both walkways with new flagstone and also widening the side walkway.

(if I can locate the before pictures I’ll add them at a later date)


Stage 2 – Flagstone Patio & Two Small Dry Stacked Walls

In the next set of pictures, you will see a flagstone patio and two small dry stacked walls on either side of the patio, due to the change in elevation I installed a natural stone step when joining up with the stage 1 flagstone walkway. All flagstone is dry laid meaning it’s not set in cement.


Stage 3 – Flagstone Walkway – Rebuild Wall – Natural Stone Steps

In 2011 I completed the final stage, adding another flagstone walkway leading from the patio to the rear garage, again due to the change in elevation 2 natural stone step were installed. One of the dry stacked walls following the side of the flagstone patio was rebuilt with dimensional wall stone and a natural stone copping installed on top to allow people a place to sit or place flower pots etc.

When building the wall, the top 4 rows of stone were glued to help keep the wall stable and the copping was cement on.
A short wall was installed to separate a flower bed area  and some stepping stone installed.

You will notice that I replaced some pieces of flagstone where the walkway joins the patio to eliminate the original outer joint that would be seen, in other words, I wanted to blend the patio and walkway together.

Some new sod was also installed as we wanted to rise the height of the walkway.

Before Pictures


After Pictures






Flagstone Patio & Walkway Video

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