New Flagstone Steps Installation

flagstone-walkway-after-1Natural flagstone steps can be found all over Ottawa and many are in poor condition, either because the flagstone installation was poorly done or over the years salt had been used during the winter.

The Ottawa flagstone steps in the project pictures below is another good example and the reason why you shouldn’t use salt on cement or natural stone.

The original stone work was done very well in my opinion. Repairing only sections of the damaged flagstone steps would of one option, but after taking a closer look far too much damage had occurred.

Old Flagstone Steps Before Pictures

Here are some pictures of the original flagstone steps. As you’ll see the steps have become dangerous and in need or repair or a complete rebuild.

New Flagstone Steps After Pictures

The following pictures are of the new flagstone steps, some of the original wall stone taken from the step risers was reused when rebuilding the step risers.

The last step meeting the driveway was lowered and graded differently making it flush with the driveway. Previously the original step was around 3″ higher than the driveway on one end only.

If you need your flagstone steps repaired or maybe you’d like to cover the existing concrete with natural flagstone? Visit my Request Estimate page for a free estimate.

Feel free to leave a comment or question below and remember DO NOT use salt on top of flagstone steps. In fact, it’s not recommended to use salt on any surface, but as we live in Ottawa sometimes the use of salt needed.  Sand and cat litter is safe and works great for making ice less dangerous.