Natural Stone Retanining Walls

At Smith’s Stone Masonry, we often get requests to repair and rebuild or complete new stone retaining wall projects. This isn’t surprising because you don’t have to look far when you live in Ottawa to see old natural stone retaining walls.

Ottawa retaining wall

On this page were going to share with you some different retaining wall projects that we’ve completed over the years. One of them you’ve likely seen if you’ve driven out towards Cumberland in the past 8 years.

Rebuilding A Stone Retaining Wall

Old retaining walls that start to bulge out in the middle or start to learn over, sooner or later fall over. A big heavy downpour, tree roots and poor drainage are the most common reasons a retaining wall will collapse.

The following projects are all stone walls that collapsed or had been on the verge of collapsing. You will notice a change in the colour of the stone. This is because we trim/chip/shape the stone during rebuilding the retaining wall.

collapsed retaining wall
Manor Park retaining wall repair

rebuilt retaining wall Manor Park - Before
rebuilt retaining wall Manor Park

New Installation Of Stone Retaining Walls

The following project was completed several years ago, and although the stone was very hard to work with I really like the mixture of colours and the type of stone. It consists of 4 different types of stone from different quarries.

Sandstone retaining wall

Natural Sandstone retaining walls

Natural Sandstone Flower Bed Wall

The following picture contains the type stone I prefer to work with when building retaining walls. It consists of less waste and a flatter bed (top and bottom) making it easier to work with and an overall stronger wall.

Stone retaining wall

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