Stone Foundation Repair & Repointing

//Stone Foundation Repair & Repointing

Stone Foundation Repair & Repointing

All over Ottawa you will find houses that are built on natural stone foundations. Due to the age many foundations are in need of repair, if you can see holes in the cement joints or the cement is crumbling out, it's a good idea to have the joints re-pointed with new cement.

The stone foundation in the pictures below were in need of repair badly, the cement was in such bad condition I didn't need to do any chipping out, simple scrapping the joints with a hand tool cleaned out the old cement.

Once the joints had all been cleaned out the first step was to do the back pointing, filling the all the deep holes but leaving around 1.5" inches unfilled. Once the cement had harden it's was then time to fill the remaining 1.5" inches.


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