The following stonework was completed in two stages. First, we completed the front steps/entrance and a few years later the stone patio area was built. All new stone used in these projects is from a quarry in Wiarton Ontario and purchased from Canlok Stone here in Ottawa.

Here is a short video slideshow displaying some before and after pictures of our work.

Stage #1 New Flagstone Steps & Walkway

As you’ll see from the pictures below, the original stone walkway wasn’t in the great condition and had narrow steps. If I recall correctly it was the original owner who built the stone steps.

We started by ripping out and hauling away the old steps, stone walkway and a few good yards of waste material. Next, we formed and poured a new concrete base for the steps and walkway.

Wiarton ledge rock was chipped and installed on all step risers. Followed by irregular Wiarton buff flagstone on all steps and walkway surfaces. As you’ll see all flagstone edges overhanging have a chipped natural edge/face.

Here are a few before and after pictures of stage 1.

Stage #2 New Wiarton Flagstone Patio & Dry Stacked Wall

The next stage was to extend and create a larger patio area with new Wiarton flagstone. As you’ll see from the before pictures below a small concrete patio area was already in place so we excavated and poured two additional concrete pads in preparation for the new flagstone installation.

While excavating the patio area, all of the old stone was put aside for perhaps another project down the road. However, after we finished installing the Wiarton buff flagstone some of the old stone was used to create a short stone wall.

The owners then asked if we could add a few additional rows of stone in one corner and build a new stone flower bed wall. As we didn’t have that much usable old stone left over, Wiarton dimensional wall stone was purchased to finish the walls.

As you browse our site you’ll notice that we often work with Wiarton flagstone, ledge rock and wall stone. This is because the flagstone is relatively flat and smooth making a great surface for a patio or walkway. The Wiarton dimensional wall stone is also great for dry laid walls because it stacks well and can be split in layers to achive the right height.